Maïeul Gruget

73 avenue de Paris · 94165 Saint-Mandé CEDEX · (+33)1 43 98 62 37 ·

PHD student in spatial cognition for map design.

Member of the GEOVIS research team

Doctorant en cognition spatial pour le design cartographic

Membre de l'équipe GEOVIS

Research Interests

PhD student


I am PHD candidate working on spatial cognition for interactive map design. The main objective of my thesis is to explore the cognition of multi-scale interactive maps with experimental approachs, in order to identify the anchors or landmarks that help a map reader to situate himself when zooming in. Our main focus are the persistence of map components or the spatial relationship between map components in a succession of views The aim of this thesisis also to explore or prove what possibly explains some of the high and low anchoress values of the map components (i.e. The propensity of a map component to be a memorable element in a map view or in a sucecession of views).

September 2021 - current

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