Oussama Ennafii

73 avenue de Paris · 94165 Saint-Mandé CEDEX · (+33)1 43 98 75 02 · oussama.ennafii@ign.fr

I was a PhD student at STRUDEL research team. I was also a member of Titane research project.

J'étais doctorant au sein de l'équipe STRUDEL. J'étais aussi membre du projet Titane.

During my thesis, I worked on 3D building model evaluation. I had Clément Mallet and Florent Lafarge as co-advisors, and Arnaud Le Bris as a supervisor.

Pendant ma thèse, j'ai travaillé sur l'évaluation de modèle 3D de bâtiments. J'ai eu comme co-directeur de thèse Clément Mallet et a href="https://www-sop.inria.fr/members/Florent.Lafarge/">Florent Lafarge, et Arnaud Le Bris comme encadrant.

Research Interests

Sujets de recherche

Building model representation
3D building model representation
Représentation de modèle 3D de bâtiment


Technical reports, Working papers ...

Other research activities

Software development
  • Image representation:
    The course objective is to intoduce basic notions about image structure and how it is stored.
    For more details, contact the teacher in charge of this course: Marc Poupee

  • Image processing:
    The course introduces filtering and other image processing notions.
    For more details, contact the teacher in charge of this course: Marc Poupee

  • Introduction to Machine Learning:
    This is an introductory course to Machine Learning for the first year ENSG students. It introduces unsupervised learning and the K-means algorithm, and supervised classification with a focus on the Random Forest classifier.
    The course slides and the hand in are made available here:

  • SVM and Feature Selection:
    This is an advanced Machine Learning course in the second year ENSG curriculum. It is divided in two parts. The first introduces Support Vector Machines while, in the second part, Feature Selction schemes are presented.
    The course slides and the hand outs are made available here:
Other research activities
  • Regular reviewer of some Computer Vision and GIS conferences (CVPR, BMVC, JURSE, ACCV, PFG...)
  • Clémence Chupin (PPMD Master's Project, 2017): developping a program for annotation of GIS 2D instances in an active learning scenario (see sGrISner).
  • Lise Gonnetan and Alexis Perret (ENSG Research Project, 2017): testing a LoD-1 modeling program 3dfier to be evaluated and compared to Bati3D®.